About Us

If you’re looking for help with your company’s IT services and network security, you’ve come to the right place.

We started in 1997 and as you can imagine, we’ve seen huge advances in technology. Businesses grapple with these changes daily, and we’re asked by worried business owners, “How do new technologies fit into my business methods?”  “Are our old techniques obsolete?” and, “Can I work smarter, not just harder?” In all cases, we research everything and come back to you with your options and our recommendations for a complete customized solution that matches the needs of your business today and in the future.

Our “Recipe for Managed Services Success” offers a detailed look at how we build or rebuild customized solutions for each client.

We’re proud of our track record and how we’ve grown into the largest IT services company in Southeastern MA. Our managed IT services are available across New England, and we also have clients in CT, VA, and PA.

We are passionate about getting rid of the frustration that people just assume is the requirement for using technology. We want to turn your IT Systems into a source of enjoyment and productivity for you and your staff. If that sounds like a lot of network nirvana, talk to us. Better yet, talk to our clients!

We take full responsibility for the overall health of your infrastructure, computer network and security.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art monitoring and remote remediation system. As a result, we now have the very best remote monitoring tools available. Every day we perform hundreds of operations in the background to:

  • Keep your network running efficiently to promote productivity and profitability
  • Maintain network security
  • Protect your systems from hackers and viruses
  • Avoid catastrophic failure
  • Ensure your disaster recovery plan is appropriate for your needs and that it works
  • Safeguard all your data

If you are looking for an IT Services partner that is truly a partner, look no further.

At itWORKS!, our goal is to be your technology and business adviser and to give you the very best support. Believe it or not, one of our primary goals is to keep costs DOWN. We know how to design systems to fit BOTH your current and future technology needs. We will be your advocate to the cruel world of technology vendors so your employees don’t get frustrated and waste hours of their time (and your money) being put on hold or transferred to some undisclosed location half-way across the world.

And that’s how we work at itWORKS!