Jeremie Mailloux

Senior Engineer, Co-Owner

v2_JeremieJeremie and Diane Mailloux started a company called CAPE SETUPS, LLC in 1997 out of Sandwich, MA. CAPE SETUPS evolved into itWORKS! as we grew! By the way, in case you didn’t know, 18 years for an IT Company is wicked long time. itWORKS! has grown from two employees to fourteen during that time and have the pleasure of working for many great companies in the Northeast (mainly in Southeastern MA, but also in PA, VA, CT, etc.)

If you ask Jeremie about his visions for itWORKS! you’ll want to grab a chair. Jeremie is not “short winded” when it comes to his vision for this itWORKS! and our model for success. We define success as building innovative solutions for each of our clients.

Jeremie is our Lead Technician and co-owner (check his job title above and you know what he’d rather be doing). He would absolutely prefer to be solving problems for our clients and he often is.

Ask itWORKS! employees, and you will find that Jeremie is a great boss; a lot of fun to work for. He has created a uniquely fun and productive work environment. We try our best to keep him away from the management task at itWORKS!; he loves to delegate and empower his employees. Eventually, he somehow spends most of his time away from his “Technology Cave” and in the mix of day to day management.

Jeremie has many hobbies and enjoys hosting his and Diane’s extended families on the Cape.

Jeremie’ s roots are in “gaming,” in fact we still have a great gaming facility attached to itWORKS’s so the gamers of tomorrow have a cool place to go!