Patrick Kilcoyne

Support Engineer – Team Lead, Software and Printer Management

v3_PatrickFrom a young age, Patrick enjoyed taking things apart just to see what made them tick! In the process, he would usually break them. As time went by, Patrick’s fixing skills quickly outpaced his breaking skills, and he was building PCs and remote controlled vehicles with recycled parts from the local landfill.

Fast forward two decades; a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; a persistent fixation with technology; a year at itWORKS! and Patrick leads our software and printer management team. Affectionately known as, Blue Team, Patrick and his team work tirelessly to keep over 50 proprietary software packages running smoothly and our clients printing, scanning, and sending faxes with ease. While Patrick’s role is that of Support Engineer, he has also been known to aid our Branding Team from time to time.

When he’s not hammering away at a keyboard, Patrick enjoys running, karting, film photography, any sport involving a board, and learning about information security. Fun fact: Patrick is our only team member who was also a former client!