The Cloud

What is the cloud, and do you want to be in it?

Cloud Computing, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “the practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the Internet.”

“The Cloud” was coined in 1996 by George Favalro (a marketing executive) and Sean O’Sullivan (a technologist) who worked for Compaq. It’s a name created to market all Internet-based solutions.

The truth is that some applications work great in the Cloud, while others do not. Sometimes a Cloud product might not be perfectly compatible with your other systems and software.

At itWORKS! we have tons of experience with Cloud applications…the bottom line…your IT vendor should be completely vetting all of your options with full consideration on its effect on your entire network.

A warning – Be careful when vendors discuss a server based vs. a Cloud based solution. They have huge incentives to move you to the Cloud: Perfect example; we brought on a client who had already been sold the Cloud version of their Line-of-Business software by their vendor (they were completely automating, but they had yet to engage an IT professional). When we looked into the specifications of the software, we found that the Cloud solution was not going to be able to handle the volume of transactions required during their busy times. It was too late to switch, as it is a seasonal business. Their systems dragged all summer long. This was a costly mistake in many ways. For their next season, we installed an in-house, server-based version of the software and everything worked perfectly!

When you’re thinking about floating in the Cloud, buyer beware!